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CalFresh Healthy Living promotes fruits and vegetables, physical activity, Refresh Better with Water and Rethink Your Drink at the local community events. Find out how you can get your family or community involved.

Del Norte County Community Health Fair 2023

Virtual Healthy Snack Day 2020

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Healthy snacking can be easy and affordable. Whether it’s at work or after school, the right snacks can help adults and kids live healthier. Join us on Healthy Snack Day to learn and share recipes, tips and tools to find snacks that are satisfying and healthy for you and your family.

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Healthy Snack Day is a great opportunity to get healthy snack ideas, do fun activities, and learn simple recipes the whole family will love. Enter your zip code to find participating events near you.

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Rethink Your Drink Day

Do you know how much sugar is in your favorite sweet drink? We do. Learn more about Rethink Your Drink Day and use the Beverage Breakdown tool to find out just how much added sugar you're drinking.

Healthy Victories Monthly Newsletter

Healthy Victories Monthly Newsletter

Healthy Victories Monthly Newsletter

How to Protect Yourself & Others During COVID-19

Del Norte County Childhood Obesity Report and Data

Del Norte County Community Health Assessment (CHA)

A Food Security Assessment Report, Klamath, CA

County of Del Norte Department of Health and Human Services