Champions for Change

Champions for Change are real people just like you. Champions make good health a priority for themselves and their families and want to inspire others to make healthy changes for a better life.

Champions for Change Chef Michael Gomez

Champion for Change Sue Joseph, Planning Garden

Champions for Change

Champions for Change are individuals who are taking important steps to live healthier lives by making half their plates filled with fruits and vegetables and getting regular physical activity. Champions for Change are also individuals who have overcome obstacles to secure good health for themselves and their family, and who can serve as role models for others in their community.

Champions for Change are vital to the Champions for Change Program and the statewide movement for healthy change. They help to demonstrate that change is possible in every home and every community, no matter the obstacles. Through their stories and experiences, Champions for Change inspire, inform and empower others to follow their lead in making small changes that add up to big health improvement. As mothers and fathers, teachers, farmers, pastors, as children and coaches, employers, athletes and grandparents, Champions for Change are joining the movement in making healthy changes in eating habits and physical activity, together one step at a time.

How to become a Champion for Change?

Champions for Change are real people just like you – moms, dads, grandparents, healthcare workers, clergy, and even store owners who have made healthy changes in their lives. They talk the talk and walk the walk. Champions make good health a priority for themselves and their families and want to inspire others to make healthy changes for a better life. You too can become a Champion for Change!

Be a healthy role model

Join the movement

  • Connect with others on social media. Sometimes it’s hard to make a change, even if it’s to improve health.
  • Find out what other people like you are doing to help their family eat healthy and be active every day.
  • Like CalFresh Healthy Living on Facebook, follow us on Twitter,and find recipes and other healthy ideas on Pinterest.
  • Come and meet your local Champions for Change at the monthly meeting or community events, stay connected, network, empowered, and create positive healthy changes together.  Contact us to receive Del Norte Champions for Change monthly meeting flyer.

Speak up for healthy change in your community

Take Action in Your Community

As you get involved, you need to decide what changes you want to see in your neighborhood. Here’s how:

  • Talk to your kids, family, neighbors, or coworkers. Find out what healthy changes they’d like to see happen in your community.
  • Decide what you want to do. Pick one thing that all of you want to change to help your community be healthier. Here are some examples:
    • Ask your store to offer quality fruits and vegetables at a low cost.
    • Start a local farmers’ market.
    • Work with your schools to get after-hours and weekend access to parks, play yards, and/or gyms.
    • Get healthier food items in your office vending machines or cafeteria.
  • Create a vision. Together with your team, write a clear statement that describes the change you would like to see. Here are some examples:
    • We want affordable fresh fruits and vegetables at our local store.
    • We want to see a farmers’ market in our neighborhood.
    • We want our children to have safe places to walk and play.
    • We want healthy snack options at work.
  • Make a plan to fulfill your vision. Write down the steps it will take to create the positive change you want to see.
  • Encourage others to join. Once you identify your vision and plan, involve others who can help.
  • Involve the community. Bring in other people—like community leaders, local business owners, and local government agencies—who can help you solve the problem.
  • Talk to decision-makers. If appropriate, let your community leaders know about the issue. Share your ideas and solutions with them. Let them know how they can help make these healthy changes happen.

Need some help identifying areas for improvement in your community? Here are some tools:

Physical Activity Community Assessment


Champion for Change, Linda, Nutrition, Gardening, and Exercise with Good Prize!

Cooking with Champion for Change, Saroj

Cooking With Champion For Change, Saroj

Local Champions for Change

Champions for Change are real people just like you. Click on the photos below to meet your local champions.